New Release, New Features

Foko has been completely revolutionized! We are staying true to our core - Foko is still the great photo sharing app that you’ve grown to love BUT with many improvements.

End-to-Edge Visuals

Foko is visual content. Your photos are now front and center in everything you experience. The feed now shows the entirety of your photos and those of your team. No more white space and more importantly, no more chopped heads. During testing, the immersive image stream was a big fan-favorite with beta users and we think you will enjoy it too! We look forward to your comments and feedback.

#Topics - are HUGE

Topics are a flexible way for you to organize your visual content on Foko. When adding a new photo, you can categorize it as you see fit by using “#”. #Topics can be anything that’s important to you - for example: #marketing #summerbbq #newemployees #displays, the possibilities are endless.

Ok, truth be told, this is not so new as you were able to do that before on Foko. But what changes the game is that now you can follow any #Topic of interest. Think of it as a streamlined way to focus your attention on your interests. You can create new #Topics and you can invite other colleagues to follow #Topics.

We also got rid of the ability to follow people as it wasn’t a heavily used feature.

Direct Messages (DM’s)

You asked for it, we delivered. You wanted a way to communicate with colleagues directly on Foko without having to open another messaging app. Now you can. Soon, we’ll be allowing group messaging…. (shh I was supposed to keep this a secret...)

The All-New Foko app is now available for download for iOS and/or Android devices. You can also access it from your desktop by logging in at

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